Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How Old Are You?

Ever since Rama could ask this question, I had been consistent in my reply. I always said I was 12 years old. And she never questioned that.

Recently, though, Rama challenged the truth of my statement.

Rama: Mommy, how old are you?
Me: Twelve.
Rama: Pa'no ka naging 12? Ryan (a friend) is 10. So, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10- ELEVEN! TWELVE! Malapit na siya maging adult?!

Or, another argument:

Rama: Pa'no ka naging 12? Eh di, nanganak ka 7 years old ka pa lang?


Random Possum said...

Rama is truly beauty and brain!

Hola Ate Poch...i will miss you guys when i come to manila next month :-)

katrina said...

Masyado naman kasing madaling ma-buking ang 12 years old! ;-) So what did you tell her?

When I first asked my mom her age, she said she was 21, which was plausibly old when I was in pre-school. Every time it was her birthday, I'd add another year to her age. I used to wonder why she loved asking me her age in front of her friends, then they'd all laugh when I answered.

One day, my mom came home from work to find me waiting for her, holding my photo album, and with an accusatory look on my face. I had seen my birth documents in the album, which included my parents' birthdates. I'd already learned to subtract, so I soon figured out she was 10 years older than she'd claimed. Do you know, I still remember how I felt when I found out? It wasn't disappointment that my mom had lied to me (I knew it was a joke); it was sadness at the thought that my parents were SO OLD! She was only about 34!!! ;-D

This is why I jokingly warn my friends: don't lie to me. In the end, I always find out. Hehehe! ;-)

P said...

Hey, Random! I know you'll enjoy your Manila jaunt. Wish you could swing by Toronto, at some point. You're so close! Let's plan it!

Hey, Katu. Yep, I guess to a grade-schooler, 34 is ancient. Over the conversation and through my sheepish grins, Rama figured I was really just playing with her. She now knows my real age. She's good: she doesn't cringe :-)